Introversion dev creates his own Minecraft engine, adds physics

Introversion minecraft engine

We slotted this into yesterday's news roundup , but it's so good it deserves another mention. Introversion's Chris Delay has been enjoying Minecraft so much that he's created his own version of its blocky engine, and added physics. He's made a video in which he uses the engine to smash up some buildings and show what Minecraft's destructible environments might look like with full physics support. You'll find the video below.

Delay built the engine at the weekly gathering of indie devs at the CB2 Indies group in Cambridge UK. He discusses the technical aspects of creating the engine in a post on the Introversion forums , and explains how Minecraft inspired him to start the project. "Like many Indie developers who lost time to Minecraft, once I'd stopped playing I begun the process of kicking myself for not thinking of it first. I wanted to understand how the underlying tech worked, and see if you could go further."

Tom Senior

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