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Intersection is a 3D platformer set between 2D worlds


It seems as if blurring the line between 2D and 3D is a hobby for indie games, whether it's Fez's face-of-a-cube plane-switching or just some light parallaxing across a 2.5D backdrop. Intersection is—appropriately enough—plopping itself right in the middle of the divide. It's a 3D platformer set in the intersection of two 2D worlds.

Confused? The trailer assumes you will be, but fortunately soon gets around to showing the game in motion.

Essentially, you move both intersecting planes, positioning platforms and jump pads underneath you to climb towards the end. It's an interesting idea, and I'm intrigued by how far its creator can push and expand throughout the game.

There doesn't seem to be a release date just yet, but you can find more information over at Intersection's TigForum DevLog.

Phil Savage
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