Inside, Soma, Darkest Dungeon going cheap in Humble's Indie Mega Week sale

Humble's Indie Mega Week sale is live now through Monday, August 6 at 10am PST / 6pm BST. There are loads of great games going cheap and, as always, I've stuck a few of my favourites up there in the headline. 

Mentioning that early makes for a nice wee bridge from up there to down here. It also lets me cut to the chase and tell you Playdead's Inside is on sale for £6.74/your regional equivalent, with a 55 percent reduction. Likewise, Frictional's wonderful space horror 'em up Soma costs £4.59 (-80 percent); and Red Hook's Darkest Dungeon is going for £5.69 (-70 percent). 

If you like Soma, you might like the same studio's Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs—which are both on sale for £2.24, 85 percent less their normal price. Undertale is great too, and at £3.99 (half price) it's absolutely worth you time. I liked this excerpt from Richard Cobbett's 91-scored review:

To miss it though is to miss out. Undertale isn’t simply like Earthbound, like Chrono Trigger, like Final Fantasy VI in its graphical and mechanical style, but a worthy successor to the way they took the JRPG genre and experimented with it, evolved it, took it in new and interesting directions. It’s an old-school game, but one designed with modern sensibilities and an eye for deconstruction matched only by Knights Of The Old Republic 2’s brutal assault on the Star Wars universe. 

Check out Humble's Indie Mega Week sale in full this-a-way. Please share your own favourites below. 

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