Infinity Ward evacuated its office this morning because of a bomb threat

A bomb threat forced the evacuation of Los Angeles-based Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare studio Infinity Ward earlier today, according to a Kotaku report, which said it was informed of the incident by a person on the scene. The witness told the site that the police called for the evacuation this morning, and that employees were able to get out of the building without trouble. 

The evacuation comes amidst reports of dozens of bomb threats made across the US and Canada today, accompanied by demands for a $20,000 Bitcoin payment in exchanging for halting the attack. NBC said there were "at least two dozen threats" being tracked in Los Angeles alone; New York, Oklahoma City, Washington DC, Toronto, and other cities were also targeted. No explosive devices have been found, however, and the NYPD has said that it does not believe the reports are credible. 

I've reached out to Infinity Ward parent company Activsion for more information, and will update if I receive a reply. 

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Andy Chalk

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