Indie Royale All Charity Lightning Pack raises $25k for charity

Indie Royale All Charity Lightning pack

We recently highlighted the Indie Royale All Charity Lightning Pack , a charity bundle made up of Osmos, BUTTON, The Shivah and Blueberry Garden. All of the proceeds were divvied up between a collection of charities hand-picked by the developers. Gamasutra announce that $25,529.68 (after credit card and Paypal fees) has been raised for Amnesty International , the Electronic Frontier Foundation , act!onaid and Unicef , some donated as much as $200 to the bundle.

A nice bit of news there. According to the site, 4571 people bought bundles, and Indiegames and Desura waived their typical fees to deliver the games to buyers gratis. The Graduation Bundle is due to arrive in a week, keep an eye on the Indie Royale site for details on what that'll contain.

Tom Senior

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