Indie game Blindside turns out the lights

What if you woke up blind, in the middle of a horror movie? That's the premise of Blindside , an audio based adventure that's been on iOS a while now, but just landed on Desura. It's not the first game of its kind, but be it good, bad, or - warning, incoming pun - braille -iant, it's only £2.99 to take a look. Not many screenshots available, you'll be shocked to hear, but there is a trailer where either the Reapers attack or the main character has "You are blind now!" incepted into his skull, plus a gameplay video. Or "Whoa, a gameplay video!" as I challenge you not to think of it after a while.

Whoa, Desura link! Don't run. You don't want to trip and accidentally load Origin instead. Sadly, there's no demo, so you'll have to rely on... yes... blind faith if you want to give it a try.