In Sound Mind is a trippy new indie horror game, and you can play the demo right now

VIDEO: Watch the In Sound Mind trailer from the PC Gaming Show. Also on YouTube.

In Sound Mind is a psychological horror game by developer We Create Stuff, which promises to let you "experience the unsettling corridors of your head." A new trailer revealed at the PC Gaming Show doesn't explain much about the story, but does feature some enjoyably weird imagery.

We see old TV sets displaying flickering close-ups of eyes, a ghostly figure floating through a warehouse, a forest highway straight out of Alan Wake, and a bunch of shop mannequins with smashed up faces. Because it wouldn't be an indie horror game without shop mannequins staring eerily at you in the dark, would it?

(Image credit: We Create Stuff)

"Oh, what a beautiful and fragile thing the mind is," reads the game's Steam page. "Oh, how devastatingly strange and dark it can be." 

Set for release in 2021, the game is currently shrouded in secrecy. But I can confirm that it will have guns in it, so if you encounter any monsters in those unsettling head-corridors, you can at least shoot them until they go away.

If you like the sound of In Sound Mind, you can play a demo on Steam right now.

Andy Kelly

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