Imperator: Rome revealed at PDXCON 2018

Announced at PDXCon 2018 today, Imperator: Rome is Paradox's latest history-shifting grand strategy game. 

Led by EU4, CK2 and Stellaris old hand Johan Andersson (who took to the conference stage dressed in a toga, ushered by spear-wielding Roman soldiers) Imperator: Rome asks questions of its players. What if Alexander's empire was centralised under a single successor? What if Italy was never unified under Roman rule? What if Caesar never existed—how would western civilisation look today? 

Paradox suggests the answers lie in Imperator's complex character management, ruling over its diverse populations, and mastering its host of military traditions, government types and trade options.  

None of that is showcased in the following trailer, but a number of pretty-looking statues are:

"The masters of historical strategy have returned to the days of legions and legends," reads a statement. "Paradox Development Studio is happy to announce Imperator: Rome, an upcoming grand strategy game set in the classical world from the glory days of Athens to the establishment of the Roman Empire four centuries later. 

"Rule any nation on the most detailed Paradox map ever stretching from the Pillars of Hercules to the far reaches of of India, allowing you to build an empire to dwarf that of Alexander. Govern republics or monarchies, balancing the factions, and keeping the loyalty of your most capable generals."

Paradox says Imperator: Rome is due next year. If you fancy the sound of it, more information lives this way