Asus and Ikea have released the ultimate comfort item for real PC gamers

Ikea Asus ROG mug holder clipped to desk
(Image credit: Ikea)

Last year Ikea announced it was teaming up with Asus ROG to hone a line-up of gaming furniture—a growing trend among furniture retailers as they hope to cash in on the gaming market they've wilfully ignored all these years. Now, the first products are available over in China, with headset stands, desks, gaming chairs, and a mug holder that clips onto your desk. Neat.

The aptly named 'mug holder' hooks onto the side of any desk up to 4.2cm thick and allows easy access to your hot drinks without fear of killing your $150 gaming keyboard. It'll set you back a modest ¥49 too, which is roughly $7.50 in a straight currency exchange. The actual sales price is likely to vary some if it ever hits the US.

Would you trust this desk accessory with your fresh brew? It at least looks solid enough for my tastes, though its placement in the image above looks a touch precarious to us.

Sitting comfortably?

(Image credit: Secretlab)

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This mug holder represents something larger, though, a greater understanding of the PC gamer condition. We're not all juiced up on G Fuel or Sneak. We're far more often fuelled by a bag of Yorkshire Tea or a spoonful of instant coffee.

You'll find the mug holder under the LÅNESPELARE series (via The Register), which covers a few other Asus ROG accessories, including a neck pillow, mouse pad, mouse bungee, and 'multi-functional cushion/blanket'. There's even an affordable ring light and phone holder combo at ¥249 (~$40), which could make for a decent streaming setup on a budget. There's also a set of wheels for your PC, if you fear your mid-tower isn't mobile enough as it is.

Ikea promises to launch the rest of the Asus ROG line-up in "other Ikea markets" from October 2021. A bit of a wait but that should see most of Ikea's ROG spec gaming gear make it elsewhere across the globe.

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