id Software's creative director says gamers are suffering from "modern combat fatigue"

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Last week Rich travelled to London to play Rage and to film an interview with the game's creative director, Tim Willits. Sadly, when we looked at the footage afterwards, Rich's beautiful face appeared as nothing but a heavenly bright light, with only a hint of checked shirt below. We scrambled our crack team of videographers to recover the footage, replacing each frame of Rich with stunning new footage of id's new post-apocalyptic shooter.

Willits has been at id Software for 16 years - he came up with the idea for bespoke deathmatch maps in Doom - and he talked to Rich's glowing face about Rage's open world, the graphical power of the PC, and how gamers are suffering from "modern combat fatigue." He also briefly covers the impressive mod tools that will be released when Rage comes out on October 4th in the US and October 7th in Europe.