Iceflake Studios are taking over the PC Gamer forums this week

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This month's Studio Spotlight guest over on the PC Gamer forums is Iceflake Studios, a development team from Finland and part of Paradox Interactive. 

Iceflake has worked on many multiplatform games, including the studio's two biggest successes Ice Lakes and Premium Pool. The team are now developing Surviving the Aftermath, an upcoming survival city builder where you must protect a colony of survivors from a devastated world.

The team will be on the forum answering questions, chatting about Surviving the Aftermath, and giving insights into their previous work all throughout the week. 

Iceflake and Paradox are also giving away 100 Surviving the Aftermath Steam keys and one lucky winner will receive a grand prize hardware bundle, so check out the giveaway page to see the bundle up for grabs.

Here's a roundup of everything Iceflake will be doing on the forums this week:

AMA with Iceflake Studios - Creators of Surviving the Aftermath

This thread is where Iceflake will be answering questions from the PC Gamer community, so feel free to drop a question in the comments. The AMA team includes Iceflake's Producer Emmi, Senior Game Artist Jarmo, Game Programmer Anssi, Game Designer Matti, and QA Manager Joanna.

Paradox and Iceflake - Community-Focused Development with Surviving the Aftermath

In this thread, you can read all about Iceflake's upcoming game, Surviving the Aftermath. Studio Manager and Game Director Lasse Liljedahl writes about the studio's new post-apocalyptic survival game and how the game's community helped shape it.

Enter To Win A Razer Prize Pack from Iceflake & Paradox!

Iceflake and Paradox have donated a bunch of gaming hardware and Steam keys for an epic forum giveaway. One hundred winners will be given a Surviving the Aftermath Steam key with one lucky winner receiving the grand prize package. Check out how to enter in the forum post's description.

(Image credit: Iceflake Studios)

If this is your first introduction to the PC Gamer forums, now is a great time to have a look around and see what else is going on. There are threads covering different genres, industry news, the best hardware builds, and more. You can find all of Iceflake's threads over on the Studio Spotlight area of the forums. 

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