HyperX’s Cloud Orbit S tracks your head movements within a 360-degree sound stage

HyperX has unveiled a new gaming headset that aims to stand out from the pack by tracking your head movements within a 360-degree sound stage. It's similar in concept to what Ossic X tried (and failed) to bring to market, and HyperX's offering is quite a bit cheaper than the Audeze Mobius that it's modeled after.

Like the Mobius, HyperX's Cloud Orbit S uses 100mm planar magnetic drivers. It also employs Waves Nx head tracking technology, with HyperX saying the headset pings the wearer's movements 1,000 times a second.

Typically this type of technology does not come cheap, and indeed the Mobius retails for $399. HyperX, however, will sell its Cloud Orbit S for $329.99. It will also offer a non-S variant that lacks Waves Nx integration (meaning no head tracking), but is otherwise the same, for $299.99. Like the S model, the non-S variant still creates a 360-degree sound stage.

Neither are cheap, obviously, but they're both less expensive than the Mobius. Audeze says it partnered with HyperX on its new headsets in an attempt to reach gamers.

"There is really no medium that can benefit more from our product than gaming, so we’re partnering with HyperX to bring our award-winning sound to the wider audience of gamers. We want to change the way people experience games and give them an edge in head-to-head play," said Sankar Thiagasamudram, founder and CEO of Audeze.

Is it worth the extra $30 for head tracking, though? According to HyperX, Waves Nx technology enables the Cloud Orbit S to precisely track even the slightest movements "with pinpoint accuracy and perception."

"Similar to how you slightly shift your head to recognize where sounds come from, in games you make the same tiny movements to locate positions of opponents, threats, or teammates on small or large screens," HyperX says.

We'll be visiting HyperX later today to see its new headsets in person, and perhaps spend some hands-on (heads-on?) time with them. If we do, we'll let you know what we think.

Paul Lilly

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