HyperX launches a blistering fast 16GB RAM kit, but it costs $611

Do you have $600 burning a hole in your pocket? Even if that's the case, it still wouldn't be enough to purchase HyperX's new 16GB Predator DDR4-4600 memory kit—you'll need to scrounge together $11 more, and that's before tax.

It's one of two new high-speed memory kits HyperX launched today, the other being a cheaper 16GB Predator DDR4-4266 RAM package, priced at $267.

Both kits comes in packs of two 8GB modules, only the 4,600MHz kit is qualified to run faster. Interestingly, the timings are the same—they're both CL19 (19-26-26) kits at 1.5V, or you can tighten the latency settings to 19-21-21 at 4,000Mhz, with a lower 1.35V. There wouldn't be much point in doing that, though, not when you can head to Newegg and grab a 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-4000 kit for $139.99, with even tighter timings (19-19-19).

RAM speed does matter (a bit) as it pertains to performance, though dropping over $600 on a 16GB memory kit is silly. Any gains that can be had over a much cheaper DDR4 memory kit in the DDR4-3200 range are not going to be worth the hefty premium. You could also go for double the capacity and still spend way less—Corsair's 32GB Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4-3200 is one of the best RAM for gaming kits, and it costs $269.99. In general, RAM prices have come down considerably over the past several months.

In any event, the 16GB Predator DDR4-4266 is available now direct from HyperX, while the DDR4-4600 kit is up for preorder on Amazon. So if you're looking for every last bit of performance, or maybe if you're hoping to set an overclocking record, have at it. We won't judge.

Paul Lilly

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