HyperX brings a chambered design to headset space for more distinct sound

Kingston's HyperX division has come out with a new headset that adds a unique twist to audio. Whereas most headsets cram drivers into the earcups and call it a day (some of the fancier ones strategically position them for surround sound), HyperX came up with a chambered design for its new Cloud Alpha to separate the bass from the mids and highs.

According to HyperX, this allows the headset to deliver clean, smoother sound that is less distorted and more distinct than it would otherwise be. This is also something that has not been done in the gaming sector before.

"The new HyperX Cloud Alpha is the first gaming headset to include our dual chamber technology to deliver unrivaled sound quality," said Tyler Needles, global audio business manager, HyperX. "Designed and tested in the HyperX labs, Cloud Alpha delivers the best possible audio performance, comfort, and build quality for the ultimate competitive advantage and will be used by top esports pros globally."

This all sounds interesting on paper, though whether or not the desired effects translate into real-world audio performance is something we will have to test ourselves. It's worth mentioning that HyperX's Cloud Revolver is one of our favorite wired headset at the moment (see here for our wireless picks), so we're cautiously optimistic about the Cloud Alpha.

Beyond the chambered design, the Cloud Alpha features custom 50nm neodymium drivers wedged into circumaural, closed-back earcups. Frequency response is rated at 13Hz-27,000Hz.

An aluminum frame with a padded headband comprise the skeleton of the Cloud Alpha. It also has a detachable braided cable with in-line audio controls and a detachable noise cancelling microphone that is both TeamSpeak and Discord certified.

The Cloud Alpha sports multi-platform compatibility with a 3.5mm port. It will be available September 25 for $100.

Paul Lilly

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