Humble Bundle with Android 6 brings deals to PCs and smartphones


If I've learned anything throughout my years as a connoisseur of knowledge, it's that charity is a relentless beast. It looked at the mountain of games I've yet to play from the last Humble Bundle , scoffed, and said “That's it?” Well, it did in my head, at least. But I'm sure if the Humble Bundle with Android 6 were sentient, that's what it would say.

The latest bundle of humbleness may have “Android” in the name, but that doesn't mean we PC folk can't enjoy the spoils. The Humble Bundle with Android 6 includes Stealth Bastard Deluxe , Aquaria, Fractal, Pulse (which is sadly Android-only), and Organ Trail: Director's Cut . You may have to re-read the name of that last game.

As always, the Humble Bundle costs whatever you choose to pay, though throwing in a buck or more will net you Steam keys for each game along with the DRM-free direct download you normally get. Being more charitable than the average penny-pincher (who as of now pays $4.69) earns you Frozen Synapse and Broken Sword: Director's Cut as well.

This Humble Bundle ends on July 2 at 4 pm, so you have plenty of time if you decide to divvy up your cash to developers or charities that strike your fancy.