How to get into the Dreaming City in Destiny 2: Forsaken

The Dreaming City is the sprawling endgame zone for Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion, housing level-50 activities, beefier enemies, secrets, creepy cat statues that give gear, the challenging Blind Well event, and lots more. There’s some steps involved in getting past the City’s “cool Guardians only” doorpost, and we’ve described them in full here. As with most of Destiny 2’s requirements, you’ll need to have completed Forsaken’s campaign before you can travel to the City.

1. Talk to Zavala, Ikora, Petra Venj, and Spider. Each character will add an epilogue to your actions concluding Forsaken’s story, with Petra eventually handing you a broken Awoken talisman that’ll ultimately bestow City access once repaired. Spider will help you fix it—you’ve scratched his gross chitinous space-bug back enough times at this point to cash in the favor.

2. Gather three Talisman Fragments from Tangled Shore Lost Sectors. You won’t have to look for anything special in each sector, just complete the final boss fight and loot the chest to get the fragment. The three Lost Sectors you’ll need to visit are Shipyard AW0-43 in the middle of the Jetsam of Saturn area, The Empty Tank just north of Spider’s abode in Thieves’ Landing, and Trapper’s Cave in the center of Four-Horn Gulch. Head back to Spider once done.

3. Kill 300 Taken enemies. Grind time. Descend upon your preferred outbreak of Taken—Io’s Lost Sectors and Public Events are prime choices—and don’t stop shooting until your progress bar hits 100 percent. Return to Spider after you finish your massacre.

4. Complete the Ether Ritual Public Event. You’ll find this Event in the Four-Horn Gulch area, and while you don’t need to make it Heroic to satisfy this step, you may as well for that sweet boosted experience and extra loot. Head back to Spider once more.

5. Complete the A Hum of Starlight and Awakening missions. Though your key is restored at this point, you’ll need to finish the deed by completing both special missions to accompany Petra into the City at last, leaving poor Spider in charge of an empty Shore.