Annoy and impress your friends with these Destiny 2 easter eggs

Destiny 2's social spaces aren't just a good place to hang out while you decrypt engrams and prepare for your next venture. It's a great place to screw around and do nothing at all. Luckily, each social hub is dotted with a few cool things to find, just to make sure your time exploring isn't all for nothing. Next time your raid leader starts getting too serious, zip around them in a red blur, bounce a massive ball onto their head, or die and blame the unsafe work environment on them. These are some of Destiny 2's secrets and how to find them. 

Workplace safety

This easter egg is a reminder that the HR people at the Tower are living their own raid every single day. 

Gotta go fast

By completing an invisible circuit in the Farm social area, you can earn a temporary speed buff and a lovely new shine. 

Play ball

Turn the Tower into a ramshackle Flaming Lips show with this hidden trick. Don't just impress your friends. Annoy them! This giant inflatable version of the Traveler makes it easy. 

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