How to beat The Dancer of the Boreal Valley in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls bonfire

If snakes could walk (and could dress themselves), I’m pretty sure they’d move like The Dancer of the Boreal Valley. As one of the more challenging bosses in Dark Souls 3, her fluid, molasses movements betray how quickly she can actually strike. She’ll tip-toe around the arena without pursuing you and even let you get in a good hit or two—just enough to get the idea that you can hack away without issue—until she swoops into a devastating pirouette of graceful slashes that leave you an inch from death. If you’re extra lucky, she’ll initiate her grab attack, where you’re tossed into the air and skewered on her sword. It was a one hit death for my character.

The Dancer is the first Dark Souls 3 boss that doesn't just reward restraint, but requires it. Take a look at our boss guide to watch my successful attempt at the Dancer, while I spout a bit of advice for what kind of gear to take in and a brief rundown of my learning process.

Once you finish the Dancer yourself, watch this successful soul level one run and cry.

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