House Flipper meets V Rising in this vampire hotel management sim

As the most feared and powerful members of the undead, vampires still have to follow a heck of a lot of rules. You have to stay out of sunlight. Garlic and crucifixes are a no-no. You can't cross running water, can't enter churches, and if someone throws rice at your feet you have to stand there and count the grains.

Most annoyingly, you can't enter someone's house unless invited.

But here's an excellent solution to that last rule: Instead of entering your victims' homes, just have them come to yours. In the first-person management sim Bloody Hell Hotel, which looks like a mix of House Flipper, Stardew Valley, and V Rising, you're a vampire renovating your spacious manor and turning it into a classy hotel. And unlike most hotel owners, you can dine on the blood of your guests.

As an ancient bloodsucker, you awaken after a slumber of centuries to find your once great manor in utter shambles. It'll be lots of hard work restoring the estate, but on the plus side, you're a vampire. As you can see in the trailer above, via IGN, you can enchant a broomstick to start sweeping up and use telekinetic powers to move furniture and clear debris. Install appliances that probably weren't invented the last time you were awake, grow plants in the gloomy cellar and harvest them to make meals, and decorate your hotel so it's appealing to wealthy bloodbags, er, visitors.

Making your guests happy is important to any hotel manager, but once again, don't forget that you're a damn vampire. If a particular guest is a pest, kicking in their door and drinking their blood is much easier than dealing with a bad review. And no need to let the fresh corpse go to waste. Along with milking your undead cow and collecting eggs from zombie chickens, you can use your deceased guests for meat while preparing delicious room service meals.

Turning a dusty, busted mansion into an upscale hotel takes more than magic and a supply of necks. Resources need to come from somewhere, so you can forge weapons in your basement and visit the catacombs beneath your estate to kill skeletons, zombies, and other horrors as you hunt for new ways to upgrade your hotel's amenities. You can even recruit vampire assistants to help you out, giving them jobs at the front desk or in the kitchen.

Bloody Hell Hotel comes from the maker of horror puzzle platformer Darq. There's no release date yet, but the dev is planning to launch it on Steam, GoG, and the Epic Games Store.

Christopher Livingston
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