Hotline Miami patch enables gamepad support, snaps necks of bugs

hotline miami

The abstract hotpot of stealth, ultra-violence, 1980s chic, surrealism, and the color pink that is self-branded " top-down f***-em-up " Hotline Miami has its first update from the designer duo over at Dennaton Games. Today's patch stamps out "most reported bugs" with a meat cleaver and adds Xbox controller support for players who prefer thumbsticks as their bloodbath delivery of choice.

An extra stage, "Highball," also appears as an unlockable bonus upon completion of the main story. You're also receiving "additional environmental graphics," extra sound effects, and more weapons randomly strewn about. Most importantly: "The pot of boiling water has been updated." Well, it sounds important. Read up on the full patch notes on Hotline Miami's Steam community page.

Omri Petitte

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