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Honkai: Star Rail Fleeting Lights - The Forgotten Hall
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The Honkai: Star Rail Fleeting Lights quest is one that you need to complete in order to unlock The Forgotten Hall—Star Rail's version of the Spiral Abyss dungeon from Genshin Impact. If you played the latter, you'll probably know that this is one of the best ways to get currency for pulling new characters, in this case, Stellar Jade.

You can also get a free character in the form of Qingque if you get far enough. However, when you click on Qingque's free banner in the Travel Log to guide you to the Fleeting Lights quest, it doesn't seem to exist. That's because this quest only unlocks at a very specific point, then once you finish it you can start taking on the dungeon. Here, I'll explain how to begin the Fleeting Lights quest and access The Forgotten Hall.

How to unlock The Forgotten Hall

The Fleeting Lights quest becomes available in Honkai: Star Rail once you reach Trailblaze Level 21 and complete the first quest trial to raise your Equilibrium that becomes available at Trailblaze 20. Pom-Pom the conductor will send you a message, complaining about something spooky on the Astral Express, and you need to head back there to check it out. Once you speak to him, go look at the broken mirror at the far end of the lounge on the right. Interacting with it will reveal the Messenger NPC, who'll explain about The Forgotten Hall.

As mentioned, The Forgotten Hall is the equivalent of the Spiral Abyss—a series of battle-based challenges you can complete to earn big lump sums of Stellar Jade that reset with each version. These challenges get harder as you progress, and you'll need multiple teams-worth of characters and varying damage-types to make it to the end. Along with the later levels of the Simulated Universe, this is Star Rail's current endgame content. 

You earn Stellar Jade and other rewards by completing objectives in each battle, with three being the max, and they're generally based around how fast you can finish it. Once you complete Forgotten Hall Memory Stage three,  you can claim Qingque on her banner in the Travel Log.

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