Homeworld Remastered launch trailer is surprisingly danceable

Homeworld Remastered

Homeworld Remastered comes out tomorrow, but the Homeworld Remastered launch trailer is here today. It's a bit different than the trailers that have come before it. Can you figure out why?

I'll give you a hint: Watch this, or, more precisely, listen to it. That's the original Homeworld music playing in the background, simultaneously understated and epic, and it's a huge part of what made the game so iconic. So I can't help wondering why someone decided to change it for this trailer. Several YouTube commenters have asked the same question, while others have pointed out that this is a 15-year-old game, and there's a potentially huge new audience out there that isn't quite so hung up on Adagio for Strings.

In any event, the 4K visual upgrade certainly looks fantastic, the score has been remastered—thankfully, this trailer notwithstanding, the original soundtrack remains in place—and there are "new, high-fidelity voice recordings by the original actors" as well. Hard to go wrong with that.

And since we're talking about Homeworld trailers anyway, here's the story trailer for Homeworld 2, which is also included in the Homeworld Remastered collection. I've always thought that Homeworld 2 suffered in comparison to the original—after all, how do you top a galaxy-spanning quest to reclaim your ancient homeworld from the clutches of an evil interstellar empire?—but inherent narrative weaknesses aside, it's still a pretty good way to bang mighty battle fleets together in three-dimensional space. Homeworld Remastered hits Steam on February 25.

Andy Chalk

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