Homefront: The Revolution's second story DLC out now

I once read a PC Gamer commenter describe Homefront: The Revolution as "Far Cry without the drugs and magic", which made me smile. I've often thought Dambuster Studios' open-world shooter to be a wee bit underrated and not only do I agree with the above, I'd suggest it also filters much of Far Cry's meaningless icon hunting and trivial fetch and retrieve excursions. 

Homefront wasn't without its problems at launch, however a performance patch and subsequent story DLC have went a long way in righting its early wrongs. The latest narrative-led expansion hopes to push the game in this direction further still. It's called Aftermath and is out now. 

"Aftermath is set in the days after the Battle for Philadelphia, when the fledgling rebellion hangs in the balance," reads a post on the Homefront site. "The inspirational Resistance figurehead Benjamin Walker has been broken by the KPA, and is now broadcasting counter-revolutionary propaganda for the enemy. Support for the embattled Resistance is ebbing away… As Ethan Brady, you have been tasked to assassinate the man once known as the ‘Voice of Freedom’ for the sake of the Revolution. But instead, you will defy orders and embark on a daring rescue mission."

The Aftermath DLC is free to those in possession of the game's Expansion Pass, and will cost everyone else £4.79/$5.99 if bought separately. 

On top of all that, a new Resistance Mode Mission, named Uncle S.A.M, is now available to all players via Homefront's latest patch. Here, you're tasked with rescuing the Resistance leader Walker from the KPA - a mission which arms you with surface to air missile launchers. "Cross into new areas of KPA occupied Philadelphia and risk your life for what many believe is a resistance traitor," adds the above linked post. 

To celebrate the new story DLC, taking part in any mission between 12pm PT/8pm GMT on November 11 and 12pm PT/8pm GMT on November 14 will net players double XP.