Homefront: The Revolution publisher blames timing on poor reception

It took several reboots and its first publisher going into liquidation before Dambuster Studios' Homefront: The Revolution was ready for launch in May. Middling post-release reviews reflected its troubled development, and while story DLC and a comprehensive performance patch have since helped right many of its early wrongs, the open world FPS' faltering player base suggests such offerings may be too little too late. 

Speaking to MCV, publisher Deep Silver said Homefront was 'less of a success' than it had hoped, with the company's global brand and marketing director Paul Nicholls pointing to the quality of the final product and timing as crucial in this process.  

"We have learnt some big lessons from Homefront," says Nicholls. "You can see in the market at the moment, quality is absolutely king and some big IPs have struggling figures at the moment. We learnt a lot of lessons about what to do going forward. Not just the quality of the product, but when we launch as well.

"The team at Dambuster did a fantastic job. With what the team there has done, getting the product patched and so on, the sentiment with consumers has really turned around. We’re getting a lot of positive feedback compared to when we launched, so timing was probably the biggest lesson we have learnt there."

In his review, Tyler criticised Homefront: The Revolution for feeling "slapdash", and while he enjoyed learning its systems for the first time, "drab repetition" revealed its "obvious exploits". Read Tyler's words in full here.