Hobo shaman puppeteers in The Secret World

tsw thumb

Imagine your Sims had secret powers and battled horrors in the subway station. Imagine an MMO without levels or classes - instead, you get to pick a handful of cards from a hundreds-strong deck of powers and spells. Imagine it was as gorgeous as this:

This is FunCom's MMO, The Secret World. Doesn't it look ridiculously good? Oh, okay, there's some nonsense about Illuminati and Templars, but an MMO without levelling sounds like an ISP that doesn't need 5-7 business days: an improvement.

In combat, you get to pick seven active abilities (buttons to press) and seven passive abilities (stuff like, oh, increased speed, better resistance, etc). Some of the spells inflict states on enemies that other spells can exploit. It sounds almost Guild-Wars-y - you'll need to pick your build to suit your team.

It's also great that you wont end up looking like you've been swallowed by a suit of armour, or wearing a green traffic cone because it's got great crit rating.

FunCom are the guys behind The Longest Journey and its sequel, Dreamfall. Notice the magical-girl-in-her-underpants theme. Right, have at some artwork and screens.

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