Hitman's 23rd elusive target is a sleazy paparazzo

You know the drill by now: you have only a few days, and a single opportunity, in which to assassinate some hateful jerk in Hitman's latest Elusive Target mission, so get planning, sneaking and eavesdropping, and be sure to prepare that precariously placed piano.

Hitman's 23rd elusive target is one Kieran Hudson, a sleazy paparazzo/tabloid journalist who has ruined the career of a former sitcom star with a "particularly destructive series of rumours". Said sitcom star has employed the agency to take Hudson out, who is currently milling about at the fashion show in the game's Paris map. However, he'll only be there until April 18, so if you want to do your bit towards the death of print, then you'd better get on it.

Joining this latest Elusive Target on April 7 were 10 new featured contracts, along with a couple of Escalation contracts in Colorado and Hokkaido: The Otaktay Obliteration, and The Yuuma Tenacity, respectively.

Tom Sykes

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