Hitman: Absolution gets Steamworks and DX11 support: "Hitman's suit looks ten times more awesome on PC"

Owen has clubbed a guard, nabbed his clothes and wandered casually out of an IO Interactive Gamescom meeting with details of some of the PC-only features we can look forward to from Agent 47's October outing. If you have a DirectX 10 card you'll be able to enjoy increased texture and gesture resolution, better shadows, sharper visuals and more. If you have a DirectX 11 card, Absolution will look even better thanks to the integration of top level visual tricks like bokeh filtering and tessellation into IO's Glacier 2 engine. Steamworks support means we'll be able to upload our saves to the cloud and resume your campaign on any PC. Nice.

IO Interactive's Jonas Meyer headed up the presentation. He says that IO "want the game to look as awesome as possible" and promises that "Hitman's suit looks ten times more awesome on PC."

Owen was impressed by what he saw, noting the subtle bloom on Agent 47's bald head and fine details like trickling sweat. "The idea of a secret press briefing dedicated to the monstrous power of the PC is testament to the current state of the console generation," he notes. "Whether you understand, or care, about anti aliasing levels it's good to know that Eidos are planning on pushing the PC's power." He's since claimed another victim and is now striding back towards the show floor in a dapper pinstripe combo to grab a few more interviews. We'll have more soon.

Here's a round-up of the features Hitman: Absolution will be getting on PC, including Eyefinity and HD3D support.

PC only features:

  • Increased texture resolution,

  • Increased gesture resolution

  • Higher shadow Map resolution.

  • Full mouse and key support

  • Optimised PC user interface

  • Optimised for low and high end PCs

  • Steam works integration including steam cloud saves which is a massive win

Dx 11 only features:

  • Global illumination

  • Bokeh

  • Tesselation

  • Eyefinity support

  • HD3D support

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