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Here's what Resident Evil HD would look like in first-person

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is the best Resident Evil game in years, largely because it feels like classic Resident Evil, despite the shift to first-person.

Apparently modder Rod Lima started wondering what those classic Resident Evil games would look like in first-person, too, and decided to do something with that curiosity. He picked apart Resident Evil HD's (aka REmake) files to see how the Spencer mansion would look through Jill's eyes. Turns out: pretty rad.
Above is a video Lima uploaded on January 5, writing: "Some month ago I found out the offset address and its logic from REmake animations, last holiday week I did a blender script to read it. Here I test how RE would look like in Jill's POV, all the game, including cutscenes."

On Sunday Lima uploaded a second video, embedded below, showing a couple minutes of REmake gameplay from first-person. "Gonna add RE sounds, fix weap mesh close to CAM, animations were made not taking that in account. need to adjust lot of thing, will see later," he wrote for this video. Thanks to NeoGAF member Plumpbiscuit for spotting it.

If you remember REmake's first zombie encounter and chatting with (the frankly unforgettable) Barry Burton, it's pretty surreal to see those moments played out in first-person.

It's a cool experiment, but one you probably shouldn't expect to get your own hands on. Due to REmake's fixed perspective pre-rendered backgrounds, this looks like a Blender project—assets ripped from Resident Evil and reworked into a pretty awesome mock-up of what Resident Evil could look like in first-person. Don't expect a magical camera mod for the game to make this a reality.

This isn't Lima's first Resident Evil fan project. In 2015 he recreated Resident Evil 2 in the Unreal 3 engine and uploaded a video. The project was never released publicly. 

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