Here's 40-odd minutes of Sword Coast Legends' single-player

Sword Coast Legends

I don't think I've been back to the Sword Coast since traipsing around it in Baldur's Gate, so I'm interested to see how the old place has changed in the last few years. It's looking pretty lovely if the visually splendid Sword Coast Legends is any indication, although all those monsters might get in the way of my Dwarven sunbathing.

After flaunting the isometric RPG's promising DM tools during this year's E3, developers n-Space have taken to Twitch to show the world some of its single-player, and what do you know, it's looking a lot like an isometric Forgotten Realms RPG. Those aren't as common as they were 15 years ago, however, so I reckon there's plenty of room in the gaming landscape for such a thing. See goodies hit baddies in pausable real-time at the preceding link, or check below for a handy YouTube video that cuts out all the faff, getting right to forty-odd minutes of new game footage. (Thanks, Blue's News!)

Sword Coast Legends is out September 29th.

Tom Sykes

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