Heavy Gear Assault adds singleplayer stretch goals, Oculus Rift support

Fans of multiplayer skirmishes between colossal walking death machines aren't exactly short of options at the moment, with both Hawken and MechWarrior Online providing free-to-play metal mayhem. That may be one of the reasons for the muted early response to the Heavy Gear Assault Kickstarter , which in its first week has made just $27,449 of the desired $800,000 goal, despite the impressive destruction tech on show.

For the team at the aptly named Stompy Bot Productions, that means an alteration to their plans. Now, in addition to the eSports chasing online battles, an episodic singleplayer mode will be added if the project reaches its target. Producer Vince Mcmullin released a video, explaining the new mode.

The revised stretch goal page details the first episode:

"This first offline, single-player episode details the initial contact with Earth's Colonial Expeditionary Force (CEF) and sets the stage for Terra Nova's bid for independence. Bitter enemies will unite to repel the CEF in what will be known as the War of the Alliance. This gripping first episode will be told through the eyes of military veterans turned duelists."

While the first episode will unlock with the $800,000 base target, the second is reserved as a $900,000 stretch goal, and the third secured at $950,000.

In addition to the new singleplayer plans, the Stompy Bot team have also confirmed Oculus Rift support, saying :

"Heavy Gear is the perfect game for Oculus because Pilots in the HG universe actually wear VR Helmets! We are currently working on gameplay concepts which incorporate the Oculus and the uniqueness of the HG lore."

Heavy Gear Assault has 33 days remaining to raise its Kickstarter target.

Thanks, Joystiq .

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