Hearts of Iron 4 getting another free update along with new DLC this week

As is the norm for Paradox Development Studio titles, Hearts of Iron 4 is getting a free update when Death or Dishonor, the second expansion, launches this Wednesday. There’s no rationing here. 

Even if you decide not to pick up Death or Dishonor, which enhances several nations including Hungary and Austria, you’ll still be able to enjoy the free patch, titled Oak. 

With the launch imminent, Paradox has revealed exactly what’s changing. It’s a big ol’ changelog, but here are the highlights:

All new air controls and interfaces including new air combat screen

Air missions and wings now visible and selectable on map with ranges etc

Radar now more visible with ranges on map that can be toggled

Added possibility to rename air wings and added historical naming schemes to most nations

It’s now possible to stop being capitulated by getting back to 90% and recovering your capital. Rules show on war participant items when they have the capitulate icon up.

Grabbing territory occupied by others in peace conferences now much more expensive

Several changes to map and strategic areas for better play

New impassable borders and areas (Sahara) making warfare in certain parts of the world much more interesting

Updated interfaces for War overview. Now with more casualties, strength and industry shown.

Updated interface for Trade for easier overview and easier checking of convoys

All the new stuff will be shown off in a stream and feature highlight on Wednesday at 15:15 CEST.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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