Hearthstone EU Regionals underway, and full of upsets

Hearthstone 3

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The first day of the Hearthstone EU Regional finals are drawing to a close right now, with a live feed being broadcast via Twitch. The tournament is the second phase of the European Hearthstone World Championship qualifiers, and features 16 players battling to compete in the finals at BlizzCon in November, where there will be a $250,000 prize pool up for grabs.

So far it hasn't gone well for favourites like Reynad, who lost 3-2 to MrYagut, and Lifecoach who just got swept 3-0 by Thefishou. The last match features Kolento, who's widely regarded as one of the best players in the world. Can he avoid another upset?

The event, which is being cast by Frodan, Artosis and Savjz, is taking place at the Monster Energy Dreamhack Studios in Sweden. There are currently more than 62,000 people watching. The top four players will move on to the Hearthstone World Championships at BlizzCon, where a staggering $100,000 awaits the winner. The second place finisher will earn $50,000 for his or her trouble, while third and fourth places will take $15,000 each.

After today's matches there will be two more days of coverage, beginning at 2 am PDT on September 26 and 4:45 am PDT on September 27. For more on the timings, check out Dreamhack's schedule or visit the Hearthstone Twitch channel. And you might want to start brewing coffee now.

Andy Chalk

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