Have fun with lasers in free sci-fi puzzler Relay

(Image credit: Tom Sykes)

The good thing about being a robot (in free sci-fi puzzle game Relay, at least) is being able to switch bodies at the drop of a hat. Or if not by hat-dropping, then by aiming an infra-red laser, and hopping into any skittering robot that it hits. So it goes in this stylish and charming puzzler, starring perhaps the cutest robots since Red Dwarf's Skutters.

Relay's a platformer, and a surprisingly long one too, with just over 20 levels in which to tactically position robots, and to aim those lasers. If you've played a puzzle game with laser beams before (so about half of them, then) you probably won't have your mind blown, but this is a solid, well-made puzzler with a lovely science fiction gloss to it—not to mention great lighting.

I particularly like the dynamic power lines that indicate which devices are connected to each other: it's a small touch, but it does a lot to bring the mechanics of the game to life. You can play Relay in your browser, or download it. Either way, you're probably going to want to adjust the mouse sensitivity right away.

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Tom Sykes

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