Hard Reset revised and simplified

Hard Reset - Atlas needs a patch

I'm still figuring out what I think of Hard Reset, but the 1.01 patch resolves some significant issues with the controls. In particular, switching between the N.R.G. Weapon and the firearm always felt fussy, and led to quite a few disastrous weapon-switches in the middle of combat. Putting the two weapons on a single swap key is a welcome change.

The sprint changes (see below) are interesting. Before the patch you you had to wait for your sprint bar to fill up completely before you could make another dash. Husbanding that sprint energy was a major component of battle strategy, especially since a lot of enemies will try to charge and corner you. Having just one burst to get out of trouble made combat a little more exciting and dangerous. But take what I say with a grain of salt: I still play System Shock 2 with weapon degradation.

Here is a selected list of changes. The full list is available on Hard Reset's Steam forum page .

  • Sprint (shortly) even while still recharging - Sprinting is now possible at any moment - you don't have to wait till the sprint bar fills up.
  • Sprint will now charge 20% faster than before.
  • Additional Mouse button bindings - You can bind the 4th and 5th mouse buttons.
  • Disable Weapon Cool-down period - Weapon cooldowns are disabled now. You can change weapon modes while the weapon is on cooldown.
  • Improved the time between switching between N.R.G. Weapon and CLN Firearm.
  • You are now able to switch difficulty midgame (the lowest difficulty ever chosen during the whole run determines the achievements unlocked)
  • Single Switch-Weapon Button - the F key will now switch between weapons.