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Searching for Halo Infinite skull locations? With the Winter Update finally released alongside campaign co-op, a fair few players are heading back into Zeta Halo and either replaying the main game, or giving it another shot. And there's no better way to spice up a playthrough that with skulls.

These classic Halo collectibles let you add modifiers to each playthrough. Some, like Mythic or Blind make the game that much harder by buffing enemy health or disabling your HUD, whereas others like Grunt Birthday Party are just a bit of fun, firing off confetti everytime you headshot one of the little enemies.

You can find Halo Infinite skulls throughout the game's missions and in its open world. Here, I've arranged them in order of when you're likely to encounter them. The first five skulls in this list come from specific in-game missions, so it is possible to miss collecting them if you're not careful. Those in the open world, on the other hand, can be collected once you get to their respective islands.

All Halo Infinite skull locations

In this list, you'll find the location for each Halo Infinite skull, as well as its name, and the modifier it adds to gameplay.

Warship Gbraakon skull

  • Name: Boom
  • Effect: Doubles explosion radius

You can find the first skull during the opening mission, but it's very easy to miss. On the Warship Gbraakon, you'll find yourself in a long room with a floor above you and three moving lifts to your right. Grapple up to the second floor through the gap in the ceiling and jump onto the middle lift. The Boom skull is sat on a container to your right if you're facing the wall.

Foundation skull

  • Name: Cowbell
  • Effect: Acceleration from explosions is increased

The second Halo Infinite skull is found during the mission at the Foundation. It's a tough one to get hold of, let alone find. Once you've picked up the Weapon, you'll get to an area with holograms. Keep going until you reach a vast room, head to the left until you find the point where the room opens out and use your scanner to locate the skull high above you. It's tricky to get to, but keep using your grapple to get higher, and you'll eventually reach it.

Command Spire skull

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  • Name: Mythic
  • Effect: Enemies have increased health

Once you're on the Command Spire mission, you'll reach an area where columns are passed through light and etched with markings. There 's an opening in the ceiling, and you'll need to grapple to one of the moving columns, then again through the hole above you to reach the darker area above. From here, there's a hard-to-see door higher up again, so use your grapple to reach it and retrieve the Mythic skull from the room at the end of the corridor.

Repository skull

  • Name: Grunt Birthday Party skull
  • Effect: Grunt headshots lead to glorious celebrations

The Grunt Birthday Party skull is found during the Repository mission. You'll see a massive room with a terminal in the center. Activate the terminal to get a light bridge to appear, leading to one of the doors on the room's outside wall. Instead of crossing it, grapple across to the door on your right. Grab the power seed from inside the room at the end of the corridor and take it to the room on the opposite side—that's the other door with no light bridge leading to it.

It can be pretty tricky getting the power seed to its destination. If you drop it, it'll respawn in the original location. You can throw it, though, so with a lucky aim or two, you should get it where it needs to go. Once you've placed the power seed in the device in this room, continue with the mission as usual.

You'll soon arrive in a room with golden metal plating on the walls. If you look up on the wall ahead, you should see an opening you can use your grapple to get to. If you didn't place the power seed earlier, this opening would be inaccessible. There are a couple of elites to deal with here, but once they're taken care of, you're free to grab the Grunt Birthday Party skull.

Silent Auditorium skull

  • Name: Bandana
  • Effect: Grants unlimited weapon ammo and grenades, and removes equipment cooldowns

The last skull is found during the Silent Auditorium mission. Don't kill any sentinels when you reach the large room, or the last skull won't spawn. Instead, continue through the level until you get to a couple of light bridges. Activate them and make your way across and into a long room. The Bandana skull is located on top of the structure in the center, so grapple up there and pick up your prize.

The Tower skull

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  • Name: I Would Have Been Your Daddy (IWHBYD).
  • Effect: Rare combat dialogue becomes more common

The IWHBYD skull is found on top of The Tower, and if you're paying attention to your surroundings, you might also spot the Craig easter egg nearby. The easiest way to get up to the top is to take a flying vehicle. Once up there, look for the collection of containers around the central structure, and you'll find the skull sitting on top of a chest.

Blind skull

  • Name: Blind
  • Effect: HUD and weapon do not display on-screen

The next skull is found to the south of The Tower, where you picked up the last Halo Infinite skull. You should see a deep ravine here, so again, use a flying vehicle to explore beneath the surface. The Blind skull is located inside a well-hidden cave here. Use your scanner to help pinpoint the exact location. 

Fog skull

  • Name: Fog
  • Effect: Disables motion tracker

This skull is found in a small cave on the very western edge of the map. It's almost directly west of Halo Infinite FOB Alpha, and you'll have a much easier time if you take a vehicle to reach it. Look for the hexagonal columns and search for a ledge along the western edge. The Fog skull is located inside an opening above the narrow shelf, among several abandoned helmets. 

Catch skull

  • Name: Catch
  • Effect: Enemies throw and drop more grenades

Once you reach Zeta Halo's open world, head to the northern section of the map. You should find a canyon to the northwest of Outpost Tremonius. There are enemies here, but once you've dispatched them, you can recover the Catch skull from a tree stump.

Famine skull

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  • Name: Famine
  • Effect: Weapons dropped by enemies have half the ammo they normally would

This skull is found at the far eastern edge of Zeta Halo. The area you're heading to looks like a small island on your map. The Famine skull is found on a ledge next to a dead elite. The bright yellow armor makes the location slightly easier to spot from the sky.

Thunderstorm skull

  • Name: Thunderstorm
  • Effect: Upgrades the rank of most enemies

The Thunderstorm skull is another tricky one to locate. It can be found on top of a hexagonal column, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. It's close to the area with the banished anti-aircraft guns, and you'll need to use your scanner to find its precise location. Once you've found the AA guns, look around for a cluster of hexagonal columns. The one you're looking for is pretty small and stands slightly away from the main formation. 

Black Eye skull

  • Name: Black Eye
  • Effect: Your shields only recharge when you melee enemies

The Black Eye skull is found in a cave behind a tall waterfall. The opening is pretty small and hard to spot, even when you're close—look for the dark shape of the entrance on the right side of the waterfall, about halfway up. Once inside, find the skull sitting on top of a stalagmite at the back of the cave. 


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