Hades leaves Early Access this autumn

Supergiant Games has consistently worked on Hades ever since it first came out in Early Access in December 2018 on the Epic Games Store. Steam Early Access followed a year later, and now the full version has been announced for "sometime this autumn", with a final date to be announced "as it gets closer". The release was teased together with the Switch version, which will support crossplay, as well as a shiny, animated launch trailer.

Absurdly polished from day one, it's hard to believe the game I've been playing for close to 100 hours by now is somehow not done yet, but Supergiant promises that v1.0 will have the game's true ending and a number of other finishing touches. Over its two-year stint in Early Access, Hades gained new biomes, characters, skills and story events. It's been a joy to watch the game grow.

We've said so in the past, but Hades really is an ideal game for players who usually give roguelikes a wide berth. For one because the myriad of different boons—skills bestowed to you by different Greek gods—make every run feel pretty different from the next, but also because you're expected to lose and return for more conversations with your mythical aunts and uncles in order to get to know them better. The combat is snappy but not punishing, and the beautiful artwork makes discovering the dungeon additionally satisfying.

Supergiant games is holding a Q&A on its official Discord on Friday, August 21, at 10am PT/6PMBST, where you can ask the devs any lingering questions you amy have before diving in.

Hades has received all of its planned Early Access updates and has left Team PC Gamer continuously impressed, so if you're curious and don't want to wait, be assured it's in a great state to be played right now.