H1Z1 adds new map and 'Daily Challenges' in latest update

Last month, developer Daybreak Games suggested the still-in-early-access battle royale shooter aimed to simplify its UI and menus. It's been taking directions from its community on this front—and its latest update implements a number of weapons balances based on this advice.  

As outlined in the following trailer, the latest update also brings with it a new so-called Combat Zone map, and a series of Daily Challenges. Here's lead systems designer Tony "Carto" Morton with the skinny on that, as well as details on the game's next competitive circuit event:

Speaking to the new Combat Zone, it's designed to give players "non-stop action" and a practicing ground to hone their skills within. The new map is 2x2 km in size and includes a shooting range. The dev points out that players won't parachute into this map—but that they'll start full equipped and ready to go from the off. Instant respawns also apply in the event of your demise.

As for the Daily Challenges, these are built to encourage "bragging right opportunities" whereby completing in-game objectives results in rewards. Daybreak notes that each day brings three levels of difficulty to challenges, and that players will earn Skulls as a currency to purchase items such as skins. 

"Daily Challenges aren’t just limited to one match and can be completed over a series of games in a day," says the developer. More information on this and more can be found via H1Z1's official site