Guild Wars' Winds of Change concludes on a high note


Like a turbulent gust blowing off the Jade Sea, the latest installment of Guild Wars' Winds of Change clears away the heavy fog that has been hanging over players since learning of the Ministry of Purity's duplicity. With the Ministry not as innocent as it once seemed, the Kurzicks and the Luxons at it again, and Cantha in peril, heroes are needed. Who will answer this call? Why the players of course!

With the nine new quests available, as well as new rewards both in game and in the store, players will have plenty of fat lootz to entice them back to the adventure in Winds of Change.

Players looking to begin part three of Winds of Change will want to head into the sewers of Shenzun Tunnels and speaking to Miku. While many of my fellow Guild Wars players will probably find the missions to be a breeze, I struggled as I completed them. The first mission was a particular challenge, with enemies swarming me from all directions as my heroes and I fought them off. Then died. Again, and again. While I've been playing Guild Wars for a while now, I don't necessarily have the best gear, and very few expert skills. If you're in the same boat, I highly recommend working on these quests with guild mates, as that will make things much easier.

Spoilers Ahead!

I was a big fan of the undercover mission, which had me mingle amongst outlaws and thieves to find out why there was a recruitment drive for new minions in the seedier elements of society. Nothing like a little detective work to keep things exciting.

While I'm still building up the courage (and teammate roster) to take on this final chapter in the Guild Wars story, I've done my research and know what we'll be facing there--and it sounds amazing!

The final fight has you battling against Minster Reiko (head of the Ministry of Purity) herself, as she summons illusions and phantasms to beat you back. Keep her occupied, destroy her constructs, and you'll find that “The Grand Illusion” bar on-screen will decrease. Bring it to zero and you win. It's a fun way to handle the non-traditional boss fight. It keeps you on your toes as you keep her busy, all the while whittling down the Illusion bar.

Once you've completed this mission, you'll find that Miku is now available as your newest hero!

The rewards are excellent, the story hit a chord with me, and the experience is a blast! I can't wait to complete it later this week, and connect some of the final dots leading up to Guild Wars 2.