Guild Wars 2 gets changes to traits and skills tomorrow

While the eternal war between guilds rages on, the developers at NCsoft have deemed it necessary to update the world of Tyria tomorrow with a new patch focused on build diversity.

With these changes, every strike against someone stricken with the “Weakness” effect will now have a chance of becoming a glancing blow. Necromancers also get a new ability called “Tainted Shackles”, which includes a condition that inflicts damage regularly—more so if the poor soul decides to move their character.

None of that sounds especially fair, but I've also never seen a practitioner of the dark arts picking up a sword and shield simply because their magically ignorant opponents had no means of defending themselves. Necromancers are jerks like that.

We're too busy researching new exploi—er, “strategies” to name every single tweak, but the academics among you can check out the full list right here .

We enjoyed Guild Wars 2 when it invaded our all-to-busy lives last year, and it's nice to see NCsoft ironing out the minor imperfections while it works on the expansion that may or may not exist .