Guild Wars 2 beta key giveaway

Guild Wars 2 preview thumb

You there! Yes you behind the keyboard, how do you fancy a delicious taste of Guild Wars 2? It seems Arenanet are having another beta weekend on the 8th-10th of June, but to join in, you'll need a key. How do you get one of those? Well you can get one by pre-ordering the game, or you can get on the the 1500 we're giving away. Yes, you can finally have a chance to see if Guild Wars 2 really is as amazing as it promises to be.

To claim your key, just go to our competition page and fill in the details. You'll have until Monday to enter, and the keys will be dispatched on Wednesday, giving you plenty of time to download the Guild Wars client for the weekend.

When you receive your key, you'll need to register it on the Guild Wars website , after that you can head to the 'getting started' thread on the Guild Wars forums to download the beta client.

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