Guild Wars 2 trailer teases legendary items, including a massive sword made of night

Arenanet have started talking about legendary weapons, super-rare items that can be forged from other rare items at the mystic forge in the middle of Lion's Arch. The precise formula for each weapon is secret, but Arenanet have been watching adventurers carefully and reckon that we'll "begin to see some ambitious players wielding Legendary Weapons in game very soon."

Apparently there are clues hidden throughout quest zones and PvP areas. But why go to the edges of the planet for these legendary weapons? What makes them so legendary anyway? Wait. What's this, a great sword made of night that's gains shimmering red nebulae when the sun goes down? I play a Necromancer. I can't even use a great sword and I want that thing. The nightblade is just one of the items on show in the new legendary weapons video below. Read on to see a lion-man wielding a giant bubble blower that sheds water with every swing, and a shield with a glowing book chained to it.

Find out more about legendary items on the Guild Wars 2 site .

Tom Senior

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