Grim Dawn will add roguelike dungeon Port Valbury in free December update

Ahead of Grim Dawn's incoming update, developer Crate Entertainment has revealed more on The Fall of Port Valbury—an Aetherial-themed roguelike dungeon heading to the action role player in mid-December. 

Said to boast new lore, bosses and "monster infrequents", Port Valbury has fallen under mysterious circumstances tied to supernatural beings and monstrous creatures. Here's Crate with the skinny on the setup

"A once proud and prosperous city with a booming port and trade network, Port Valbury has suffered greatly under the influence of the Aetherials. Even before the Grim Dawn was fully unleashed upon Cairn, their agents had begun working on undermining the population and throwing the city into chaos.

"The city’s mayor, Khallos Strune, could not have suspected the schemes happening right under his nose, and when he began to realize that one of his advisors, Councilor Van Aldritch, was not using his position to the best interest of the citizenry, it was already too late. Port Valbury, as countless other settlements across the Erulan Empire, was doomed."

After striking a deal with Harbormaster Jarren—"if there was anything Port Valbury’s harbormaster loved more than a pitcher of ale, that would be coin"—Van Aldritch transforms the poor chap into an unsightly Aetherial beast with "bleeding sores covering his aetherwarped flesh". Jarren now stalks the Port Valbury slums and looks like this: 

Yikes. And as if things couldn't get any worse, Van Aldritch has now shed his human form, in turn embracing the "tainted nature of the Aether itself." In short, this superhuman entity now rules Port Valbury, which is where you come in. Free for owners of the base game, The Fall of Port Valbury is due mid-December—with a concrete release date expected in the coming weeks. 

For more Grim Dawn reading, check out Leif's review or why it made Tom dare to care. Grim Dawn is out now for £18.99/$20.99 via The Humble Store

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