GRID PC servers closed down, Xbox 360 servers still going


Servers for Codemaster's 2008 racer, GRID have been shut down, according to a report on MCV . The Xbox 360 servers will keep on running, but Codies have yanked the plug on PC and PS3 servers for the game.

Codemasters cite a "decision by a third party provider" as a reason for the shutdown, saying the third party decided to "decline the offer of an extended contract to continue online play on these platforms," adding "We thank fans for their support and apologise to those affected by the end of this service."

The apology hasn't done much to calm the anger of fans left without multiplayer support. Livid fans are protesting on Codemaster's forums , and there's talk of a boycott of Codemaster's other racing games, like the recently released Dirt 3 .

Tom Senior

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