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Grid 2's community patch will introduce mod support

This is a surprise. Codemasters' more recent racers have been perfectly fine PC ports (aside from some dark times with GfW Live), but they've never seemed interested in the more flexible aspects of the platform. Naturally, the community has been happy to break open their engines and go tinkering inside, but the mods they created were never officially supported. That's set to change with Grid 2: the developer announcing that mod tools will be introduced in the upcoming Community Patch.

"We've decided to assist these players by adding some basic support to the game that allows modified data and when enabled the game will now save your progress," write Codemasters . "Please note that the save file is separate to the one used by the unmodified game and online play, leaderboards, achievements and RaceNet functionality will all be disabled to protect the integrity of the main game.

"This is our first step into supporting mods and it'll be a learning process for us. So we'll be looking to get your feedback along the way and we'll make improvements over time where possible. When the tools are at your disposal, do let us know what you think. Above all else we look forward to seeing what you create."

The blog post goes on to clarify that Steam Workshop support won't immediately be available, but that it's something the team are "discussing".

While there's no date for the community patch, the team say we should be "seeing some significant movement" next week. Here's a breakdown of the patch's other features:

  • Increased rewards in Custom Playlist

  • A new playlist titled 'Hardcore'

  • Level cap raise to 99

  • Fastest lap times have been included for online play

  • A host of liveries previously restricted to single player will now be available in multiplayer

  • The maximum number of laps allowed in a race has been increased from 5 to 10

  • Veto weighting has been changed and now only requires 51% of the vote

  • Country flags have been included next a player's name plate online

  • Reward for racing cleanly has been increased

  • A vote to kick option has been included

  • You can now skip the level up graphic

  • Modding Support v1.0 [PC Only]

  • Various bug fixes and background improvements

Thanks, VG247 .

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