GreedFall's developers want each part of their game to have a history of its own

(Image credit: Focus Home Interactive)

Colonisation RPG GreedFall, which we first saw way back in 2017, isn't a historical game. At least, it isn't attempting to recreate strictly historical events. But in a new video, Spider's developers explain that they've sought to imbue each element of GreedFall with a history of its own, whether that's an NPC, a village, or one of the island's monsters.

The video includes a ton of footage from GreedFall, interspersed with interviews with several developers including Spiders CEO and lead writer Jehanne Rousseau. 

"We're inviting players to dream, explore, and discover a totally new universe," Rousseau explained (in subtitled French). "We absolutely didn't want to be strictly historical. Rather, it had to remain an inspiration."

Every village, character, and monster in the game, Rousseau said, has its own story, it's own reason for being where it is and looking the way it does.

GreedFall is inspired by a tumultuous time in history, specifically the 17th century's exploration and colonization period, which saw Europeans take to the seas and arrive on the shores of civilizations they had never before encountered.

That colonial theme is central to GreedFall, and it will be interesting to see how Spiders handles it when the game launches September 10.