Grasshopper Manufacture's The Silver Case coming to Western PCs

The Silver Case, Grasshopper Manufacture's debut game, is coming to PC in autumn. The unexpected remake will be The Silver Case's first Western incarnation since its release in 1999.

Grasshopper and its founder, Suda 51, get off on no-holds-barred surrealism (and voyeurism). That's how you end up with a portfolio that touts Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer is Dead and everything in between. By contrast, The Silver Case might be evidence of a fledgling studio playing safe.

 You're a ballsy reporter and detective department in turn, pointing and clicking your way around murder cases at the tail end of the '90s. Bizarre killings blight the 24 Districts, and all signs point to serial killer Kamui Uehara as the culprit. Problem is, he was thought dead. Comprehensively so.

The extent to which this is a remake or straight-up port isn't terribly clear. Either way, it's a fab chance for non-Japanese speakers to see where Grasshopper started.