Goetia: an adventure game where you play as a ghost

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I've played a lot of ghostly adventure games, including lovely Cornish point and click The Lost Crown (opens in new tab), so I'm pretty intrigued by one from the spectre's point of view. Developers Sushee and Moeity's Goetia (opens in new tab) is such a game, an adventure game where you play as the living-impaired. Not only that, but you appear to be one of those unconvincing floating orbs they're always finding on Most Haunted.

Because you're a ghost—the ghost of a girl named Abigail, who has returned from the grave to her former home, Blackwood mansion—you're able to float straight through piddly walls and ceilings. That's an ace power to have in a genre that generally wants you to USE house key ON front door before you're able to get anywhere, although it does come with a catch. To use objects, you'll have to possess them, and as most people know, solid objects can't go through walls and ceilings. Well, wrecking balls can. But I digress.

Goetia takes place in 1941, and the game world will comprise the aforementioned Victorian mansion, plus its surrounding ruins, caves, woods and even an abandoned village. What went on in the 40 years you've been away, and why did you suddenly come back? Goetia's attempting to answer these questions, with the aid of its gorgeous 2D art, an interesting hook, oh and this ongoing Kickstarter campaign (opens in new tab).

You can play a demo of Goetia (opens in new tab) right now, which comprises the first half hour of the game. (Thanks, VG247 (opens in new tab)!)

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