Go on the offense with our Anomaly: Warzone Earth contest! [Giveaway]



OK, they're not really after your daughters. Not yet. But who knows? Put it this way: a bunch of extraterrestrials land in Baghdad and start setting up a defensive perimeter -- that's not a good sign. If you enter the defensive perimeter, they try to shoot you. And if they'll do that, then who knows what else they'll do?

Well, no sense waiting for the worst to happen. You need to get in there and take care of some alien business. That's the magic of Anomaly: Warzone Earth : it turns ye olde tower defense scenario inside out by pitting you and your team against the ramparts of stationary alien turrents. It's explosive, hectic, and gorgeous. And we're giving away 50 codes so that you can go in there and start mopping up extraterrestrial undesirables just as you were destined to do. Read on to find out how to enter, and take back the Earth one tower at a time.

To enter the giveaway, simply send an email to contests@pcgamer.com with “Welcome to Earth!” in the subject line. We'll select 50 lucky winners on Monday, August 8th to receive a copy of the game.

If you just can't wait to pew-pew our unwelcome guests out of the desert, don't sweat it. Anomaly: Warzone Earth is on sale through Steam for a trifling $3.33 (that's 66% off the already-sweet $9.99 standard price). So if you haven't already played Anomaly: Warzone Earth, don't miss your chance now: enter our contest or snap up a copy at this luscious price. Do it for yourself. Do it for your daughters.