Global Agenda patch 1.44 to add new maps and "cosmetic flair"

Global Agenda

A new Global Agenda update is set to arrive later today, adding new maps and a couple of new stores, one selling jetpacks, and another selling "cosmetic flair." The Global Agenda servers will be down for a few hours while the patch is applied, between 11:00 and 17:00 US Eastern time / 16:00 to 22:00 GMT.

The two new maps, Magmarock and Haulin' Acid have been promoted from beta status to be played in PvP mode. Magmarock is a control map that will be added to the Mercenaries PvP queue, while Haulin' Acid provides another payload arena.

The new jetpack store can be found in Dome City. Ironically, you have to use a Dome City jetpack to reach the jetpack store on the upper levels of the hub. The store will also sell custom jetpack trails. The new fashion store, Burning Fashions, will replace Carter's Seasonal Accessories, and provide more buy-able cyborg bling to pimp out your warrior. You'll find the full patch notes below.

Dome City Changes:

  • Carter's Seasonal Accessories has closed up shop.

  • Burning Fashion has arrived in Dome City and will be selling cosmetic flair where Carter's used to be.

  • The long awaited Skyward Jetpacks has finally landed at the upper deck of Dome City and is open for business. In addition to selling jetpacks available elsewhere in the game, Skyward also sells high-end jetpack trail effects. You must be a boosted customer with a jetpack in Dome City in order to reach the upper deck of Dome City where Skyward resides.

  • Adjusted the position of the guard at the South gate to the Sonoran Desert to be less confusing to players attempting to exit the dome.

Open Zone Changes:

  • Uncommon quality Repair Kits can now be purchased from Yuma Imports at New Yuma Station

  • Fixed some issues with materials that appeared to flicker when using Direct X 10 on some clients

Gameplay Changes:

  • Frenzy wave should now properly award buff points for hitting allies

Bugs Fixed in Version 1.44

  • Finalized netcode update (initially deployed on 6/23). Significant changes to net code that improve communication between the Atlanta data center and the games` other data centers. This should reduce occurrences of the "stuck on floor” issue for EU and NA West users, as well as provide some other benefits while entering and leaving matches.

Map Changes

  • New PvP Control map “Magmarock” has been promoted from Beta and added permanently to the Mercenary PvP Queue.

  • New PvP Payload map “Haulin' Acid” has been added to the Beta Maps Queue.

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