Giveaway: Win a full year of top-of-the-line guild/clan website hosting!

The Elder Guardians, an EU MMO guild currently playing WoW and dabbling in others

Update: The winners have been chosen! May they serve their guilds and their fancy new websites well. Thanks to everyone who entered!

It's every gamer's dream to someday run their own clan or guild. Even if you don't want all the hassle that comes with being a leader of loot-hounds in an MMO guild or of ego-maniacs in a shooter clan, you want that sweet, sweet prestige and sense of superiority that comes from being the man or woman in charge. (Plus you totally get to pick the guild colors yourself, so you can make sure they match your gear nicely.)

And every guild/clan worth their salt needs to have a professional-looking website to attract new recruits, keep everyone up-to-date of upcoming events, and give members a place to unwind and talk shop while they're not in-game. Good news, loyal PC Gamer readers--today is the perfect day for you to launch that guild or clan you've been dreaming of! It's time to throw off the shackles of your oppressive guild leader and strike a new claim in your own name, rallying other players to your side! And we're going to help 10 of you get started by giving you a free one-year subscription to 's ultimate guild/clan website hosting package! Read on for full details.

Enjin offers free website hosting supported by ads for everyone, but the Ultimate package (normally $23.96/month) that we're giving away tosses in all the goodies your gaming collective needs to thrive--including dedicated voice servers, event planners, DKP tools, site chat, and 50GB file storage--and removes the ads. Enjin's tools lets you build the website by piecing together different customizable modules modified to your liking, and apply any number of the 189 themes currently available.

To enter the giveaway, just send an email to with "I will lead my people to victory" in the subject line. 10 lucky winners randomly selected on Monday, June 20 will receive their codes for a one-year free guild/clan website hosting with's ultimate package via email. We'll also give five hundred top-secret, completely inconsequential bonus points to anyone that has an awesome idea for a guild name in the comments!

To get your creative juice's flowing while we wait, here are a few of my favorite guild/clan websites that I found on Enjin's network for all different types of online games. Hopefully they'll help inspire your website planning over the weekend!